For Mothers-to-be

Finding yourself ready to plunge into the unknown of parenthood? Preparation for your little one begins long before they arrive. As the mother you are the vessel. Here I share how you can support a healthy pregnancy with BodyTalk.


I am writing today to share with you what I feel is both important and little explored territory on the topic of conception and pregnancy.

We are designed to THRIVE. In my work with clients over the years, however, I have discovered that without addressing underlying beliefs, fears, and pain from the past, thriving is just not possible. Dysfunction is bound to manifest in the body, mind, or relationships until an inner equilibrium is achieved.

For mom’s wanting to conceive, this “internal house-keeping” is all the more important. Sure, any house might do - but would you rather live in a shanty, or the well-appointed, tidy house of your dreams? As mothers it is our responsibility to create a fertile and inviting nest for our young. The highest quality materials don’t cost much money, in fact, they can be sourced internally. We can clean up our inner-world and by doing so fertility will come with ease and joy.

"After my first BodyTalk appointment, for the FIRST TIME IN SEVEN YEARS I got my period. After seeing countless doctors, specialists, taking pills and potions, nothing had helped. I did nothing different except see you."

Nat - Australia

Using BodyTalk as my tool, I have helped women from all across the world address the parts of themselves that are unable to fit into their dream house. Any holding onto of painful memories, fears of the future, or areas of your life that cause suffering impede your viability as a proud homeowner. I am here to help excited parents tend to their garden, and to help them feel good within their body and their mind.

If your nest is already full, it’s not too late. Parents, of course, are the primary influence in how their kids are shaped and moulded. Much of this artistry happens before children turn 8 years old. You can set the very best example of leadership by caring and nurturing yourself, by bringing harmony to body/mind/work/life.

We had been trying to get pregnant for over a year without luck. We are now happy to say that one month after our BodyTalk session our pregnancy test showed positive." 

Robby & Karlien – Belgium

Watching your children grow and develop is certainly one of the greatest joys life has on offer. My invitation to you is to indulge yourself in the joy of your own personal growth and learning. You (and your children) are totally worth it!

Get Grounded to Connect with Joy


2019 is a year to powerfully create what you want out of life – a new job, a new lover, better friendships, better health, greater patience, courage to be who you are – what is it that you desire? A simple question that rarely gets the focus it deserves. Why? Because we are busy living wondering what is about to happen next, or preoccupied reviewing the past, wondering why things haven’t gone our way.

To be present means we let go of what we cannot change, and anchor deeply in what is happening here, now, right in front of our eyes. Why is this so important? When we focus on the now, worry, apprehension, anxiety, irritation, and other negative, draining emotions simply cease to create problems for us. Sure, emotions still happen, but the difference is they don’t rule us.

This is why the practice of grounding is so important. Grounding may seem airy-fairy, but when you break it down it’s pretty straightforward. To be grounded is to be here, in this moment, the mind is in no other place than now.

It can be as simple as engaging your five senses – what from your current environment are you smelling, hearing, seeing, tasting, and feeling? Notice how often you are sensing from your past, or guessing at what you might be sensing in your future – both are stories that overcomplicate our existence.  So keep it simple. Want to become a Jedi at staying present? Test out one of the following tips to find your centre…


1) Breath awareness

If you are fully engaged in your breathing there is no other place you can be but here. Find this challenging? Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth. As you do this, set an intention for how you want to feel and state it in the present tense. For example, I am relaxed. Repeat this thought silently as you breathe.

2) Get outside

Seriously, just stand outside, look up at the sky, pay attention to the trees, the wide open spaces, anything you can do to connect with what’s natural will do your mind and body wonders. Brownie points for sitting on the earth.

3)   Take off your shoes

Can’t get outside? Walk barefoot.

4)   Look in someone else’s eyes

Seem strange? Try it out and let the results prove themselves.

5)   Say I love you

Connecting to the experience of love releases endorphins and other feel good chemicals in the brain. One small move in the right direction will create more positive thoughts and emotions. This can be to a loved one, or even better, say it to yourself!

6)   Light a candle

No candles? Burning incense or essential oils will do. Let your nose pull you back into the present moment.

7)   Make food your friend

Creating a healthy relationship to food helps us to nourish body and mind. Ever notice the heavy feeling after non-nutritious meal? Eat light, whole foods. Eat mindfully (ahem, aka staying present). Be thankful for the food you are receiving (food is from the earth and literally connects you with it).

8)   Self care, please!

What does your body cry out for that you’re normally ‘too busy’ to make happen? Show your body (and your mind!) that you are committed to slowing down. Sometimes this is as simple as a hot bath.

9)   Get into your body

Where else could I possibly be, you ask. Well, living in our mind, getting lost in thoughts and tangled in emotions, we sometimes forget that the body is a simple gateway to the here and now. Go for a run, swim, do yoga, anything that helps you focus on the sensation in your physical form.

10)  Dance

No excuses, we are all born to dance. After all, there’s a reason human beings have been doing it for millennia. No one is watching. Throw on your favourite song and let loose.



The Ins and Outs of Intuitive Eating


Why is the health food craze often a battlefield of false messaging and confusion? How can we learn to hear what our body is craving? No, not your mind, your body. Our body’s have evolved over thousands of years to crave what is good for us. Mother Nature makes no mistakes. However, with the uprising of food marketing, manufactured, processed, and sugary foods – the question of what is good for me has become quite complicated over the past 100 years or so.

What makes the body feel nourished? What can I eat that creates an experience of vitality and excellent health? The answer is not straightforward. To truly master your wellbeing you must learn to listen to the cues your body is sending you in each and every moment. These cues are often quiet and difficult to hear… especially when we have corporations spending millions on marketing and advertising campaigns designed to make us want what they have.

Each individual is naturally going to require different foods each day. Yes, we can break the requirements down scientifically into units and measurements, but this is a mechanistic way of reducing our humanness. We are not machines, we are complex being who are influenced by climate, relationships, environmental factors, mental habits, and choice.  Not one of us live in a container, and to be part of the world we can learn to listen deeply to our individual body’s needs and requests.


The following are 6 easy steps to get reacquainted with what your body is asking for:


1)   Don’t share your food

Your body is designed to want foods that create nourishment within your unique and complex body. Eating with others often means we forget to ask the question, ‘what do I want?’  This does not mean never eat with friends, it simply points out that food choices cannot be individualised in a group setting.

2)   Be still, and then choose

What you want, or what you don’t want is more often a result of conditioning from your past rather than real-time information. Autopilot encourages us to make choices similar to the choices we made yesterday. To create change, stop and pause before choosing on a whim. Slow, calm and clear-minded is the space to create change from.

3)   If you want something different, do things differently

Not rocket science, right? However, we are often addicted to our sense addictions. Freeing up energy means clearing the mind of conditioning that demands we eat a certain way. Intuitive eating is all about responding to this moment, not yielding to sensory impulses conditioned from a lifetime of poor eating habits. To be clear headed when we make food choices, we must learn to decipher a conditioned urge from a real and natural craving from the body. A general rule of thumb: if your thoughts around what to eat are kind in nature, eat it. If the voice telling you what to eat is angry, demanding, or nasty, the thoughts are likely coming from past conditioning, mind-based rules or beliefs, rather than the intuitive self.

4)   I am what I eat

If you were a food, what would you be? Would you be a luscious tomato grown organically? Or would you be a highly processed, factory-made can of tomato soup? Which would feel better to embody? Food is energy in motion… and so are you! When we gravitate towards food that is fresh, alive, and from the earth we know that we are on the right track towards eating intuitively. Your body wants what’s best for you. Simple logic tells us that whole, naturally grown fruits and vegetables are more nutritionally satisfying to the body than highly processed, manufactured products. Become friends with these natural foods and let your body create a relationship with them… in other words, get to know one another. Which natural foods does your body like? Which taste delicious and nurturing? Become curious and allow your sensations to guide the way.

5)   Stop blaming yourself

In fact, stop blaming - period. Rather than get hung up on why your past has been riddled with food hiccups, empower yourself with the belief, ‘from this moment forward, I will learn to love myself and choose foods that encourage love.’ Getting stuck in negative emotions such as blame and hate make it incredibly difficult to choose foods that serve our body with loving energy. If you want to choose healthy foods that serve you, start from a place of service to your physical form, start from a place of love.

6)   What I cannot change today, I will change tomorrow

This is a process. You will not master intuitive eating in one day. You will inevitably make mistakes as you learn to listen to what your body is asking for. Expect setbacks and focus on progress – focus on wins! We have evolved to seek out and eat what serves our highest self. This means high quality, nutritionally dense, fresh foods. Just because your brain has been conditioned to crave otherwise does not mean you cannot train yourself to reside in your natural state of harmonized physical health. Know that you were born with instincts to choose correctly and with a little focus and training, you can bring yourself back to that place.

The intrinsic ability to self heal and self regulate is made possible through awareness. Making conscious choices means that we must bring light to our unconscious processes – thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs. Don’t let anyone tell you that you know better than you! Learning to move with the flow and rhythm of life can be fun if you choose to take that mindset. So… choose it! You have the power to love, heal, and serve your body. Need some assistance? Reach out, and using the tools BodyTalk offers, I can help to accelerate your intuitive eating journey.

Staying Healthy as the Seasons Change


We are not separate from our environment. As the seasons change outside, so do our bodies. Just like a new job or a new relationship, we need a bit of time to "warm up" to the changing climate. I love turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda (traditional Indian Medicine) to help guide me and my clients through this transition. With each tradition over 5,000 years old, I reckon they know what they're talking about! 

Observing nature, we can see that the plant life is slowing down and contracting in Autumn, preparing to rest. It is wise for us to follow suit. Simple changes like sleeping a little longer, eating warming foods with longer cooking times (root vegetables, soups, and stews, for example), and looking inward (i.e. paying closer attention to our inner world) will all help to serve us and keep our bodies feeling balanced. Autumn is often windy, dry, and unpredictable - counteract the erratic nature of this season by creating a sense of stability, routine, and groundedness. Warm baths, journalling, quiet alone time, getting outside for a walk, and self-massage are all easy ways to feel more grounded.

Signs of imbalance moving into autumn include:

  • Anxiety or nervousness
  • Loneliness
  • Poor ability to focus or commit
  • Interrupted sleep
  • Gas, bloating, or constipation
  • Dry skin, hair, and/or nails
  • Weight loss or irregular appetite
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Low libido

With knowledge and understanding comes power. BodyTalk leverages both TCM and Ayurveda and uses their principles to to bring our bodies into balance with nature. If any of the above symptoms ring true for you, BodyTalk can provide you with a tailored explanation as to why your body is reacting in that way. As we become aware of the why we allow our bodies to heal naturally, from within, without the use of any drugs or medication. For example, a build up of grief or sadness creates bodily dysfunction. From a TCM perspective, the Metal element (associated with Autumn) becomes imbalanced and this can lead to problems within the lungs and large intestine (i.e. coughing, sinus and lung infections, constipation, IBS, flatulence). Who would have thought all these different aspects were related? Bodytalk has an incredible ability to untangle complex problems and effect healing at a very tangible level.

One last note, if you are interested in learning more about your body I would highly recommend taking a Dosha Test (it’s like a personality test for your body), it will provide you with invaluable insights. Or if you’d like to get super specific, boost your immune system, and heal imbalances showing up in your body, mind, or life, click here to book in a 1-on-1 BodyTalk session.

Holistic Sleeping Hacks

We all deserve restful sleep. Listen as I share my  go-to sleeping hacks - no drugs or medicine necessary!

Here are the links I referenced in the video:

BodyTalk Client Testimonial on Sleep:

" Thank you for the amazing BodyTalk session. I had to get off the phone quick. All I could think was "I have to go to sleep, I have to go to sleep". It felt like my whole body needed to shut down. I had a very deep, body-heavy sleep. I slept better for the first 2 nights, deeper than in a long time. And had more calm through my body than I have in a long time. It was powerful.”
Bec - Australia

Distance Sessions Explained

I've had a lot of clients enquire about long distance BodyTalk sessions so I put this video together to help clarify.  Distance sessions, also known as remote sessions, are conducted similarly to an in-person session and afford equal benefit. Sessions are typically conducted via video chat or telephone.
Testimonial from a client in Melbourne, Australia:
"My 7 year old was diagnosed with ASD/ADHD. After just 1 session she was much more comfortable around large groups of people, and her social skills improved in just a few days. I was amazed and so happy we tried this."

Testimonial from clients in Belgium:
"We had been trying to get pregnant for over a year without luck. We are now happy to say that one month after our BodyTalk session our pregnancy test showed positive."
To learn more about how BodyTalk sessions work and what to expect, click here (there's another video to watch!)

What is BodyTalk?

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The BodyTalk System seeks to address the "whole person". This means that no aspect of the human psyche can be overlooked, be it emotional, physical or environmental. BodyTalk understands the profound influence the psychology of the body has on our health. Instead of focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk finds the underlying causes of illness by addressing the whole-person and their whole-story.

If any of these complaints describe you, BodyTalk can help...
* Chronic pain / pain management
* Sports injuries
* Mental disharmony - depression, anxiety, relief from painful memories, addressing fears and phobias, general stress, etc.
* Allergies and intolerances
* Digestive disorders
* Children's developmental delays and learning difficulties
* Migraines
* Common cold and flu
* Arthritis
* And much more!