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bring about healing that lasts by Targeting the root cause of your condition. Discover your body's capacity to heal naturally.


About Us

At the Be Well Health Collective we walk with you hand-in-hand on your journey back to full and vibrant health. My name is Ava, and I am the founder of the Collective. BodyTalk has created profound and lasting change in my wellbeing. I have made it my life's work to share these incredibly powerful modalities with you.

No diagnoses, no pills, just a correction at a fundamental level. Discover your body's capacity for self-correction and self-healing.

Welcome! You've arrived. How may we be of assistance?

If any of these complaints describe you, BodyTalk can help...

  • Chronic pain / pain management

  • Sports injuries

  • Mental disharmony - depression, anxiety, relief from painful memories, addressing fears and phobias, general stress, etc.

  • Allergies and intolerances

  • Digestive disorders

  • Children's developmental delays and learning difficulties

  • Migraines

  • Common cold and flu

  • Arthritis

  • And much more!

Target the root cause of your condition to bring about healing that lasts. Invest in your wellness for the long-run. No bandaid cures here.

Life Force Integration


Life Force Integration is a powerful energetic transmission and potent method of healing.

Your body is intelligent and knows where to send the force of this transmission through your system. Activating Life Force (also known as chi and prana), allows your energy to flow freely through your body. Removing old trauma and blockages, many incredible changes can occur. 

How Life Force Integration can improve your life:

  • Happier and more positive emotions

  • Loving relationships (acceptance of each person for who they are, and if applicable, forgiveness of past indiscretions)

  • Physical ailments improve or disappear

  • Calm mind and more positive thinking

  • Absence of fear in making decisions that serve your greatest good

  • More compassion

  • Greater clarity on your life purpose

  • Better sex

“I experienced my first (of many) activations with Ava in April 2018. Since then my life has dramatically changed for the better. I no longer have high level anxiety, or am quick to anger. I feel a greater sense of calm and trust in the process of my life. I am able to let go of pain and refocus my attention on the things that matter to me. I feel more open, loving and connected. My intuitive abilities have become increasingly powerful and my ability to feel has deepened, creating more space for empathy and compassion. A completely positive life changing experience that continues to unfold. Much love and gratitude.”






A flavour of what clients are saying...

" After seeing Ava two days ago to treat my stiff shoulder that has been playing up for years, as well as my digestion (bloating, food intolerances, etc.) amongst many other things including hormonal issues and anxiety, I am finally starting to see results..."

Melissa - Australia  (read more)

"After my first BodyTalk appointment, for the FIRST TIME IN SEVEN YEARS I got my period. After seeing countless doctors, specialists, taking pills and potions, nothing had helped. I did nothing different except see you."

Nat - Australia  (read more)

“It just works! Ava is a caring, genuine soul who has helped me immeasurably!  To resolve my depression and PTSD I had tried counsellors, psychologists and medication…none helped. Ava did! Just take a leap of faith in her amazing knowledge and skills.”

Simon - Australia  (read more)

“After 25 years of adult acne and having spent thousands of dollars on all sorts of treatments, 2 sessions with Ava calmed my cystic acne and allowed it to start to heal, and it hasn't come back.  I can't tell you what it has done for my confidence and sense of peace.”

Olivia - Australia (read more)

""I've spent over $1,000 on vocal coaches, voice classes, doctors - all trying to figure out why [I experience pain in my throat] and why my voice would always fade away/become hoarse. A few days after my first session magic started happening - massive reduction in pain and I haven't had any problem speaking clearly. My skin has cleared up, I can speak freely, and just feel more alive!"

Fiona - Australia (read more)

We had been trying to get pregnant for over a year without luck. We are now happy to say that one month after our BodyTalk session our pregnancy test showed positive." 

Robby & Karlien – Belgium  (read more)

"I came to my first Body Talk session with back pain, insomnia, arthritis, PMS/endometriosis, neuralgia, to unresolved grief from past relationships. Upon arrival, I could hardly bear the pain pulsing through my body and my PMS was 10/10. The session left me feeling serene and pain-free." 

Syl – Australia  (read more)

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