About  us

My Story

I teach people about the self healing ability of the human body. I teach people how to live a more courageous and authentic version of themselves by peeling back outdated conditioning.

It was during a personal journey to improved health and wellness that serendipity directed me to the curative power of BodyTalk therapy. After years of chronic illness, the shift I experienced through BodyTalk was so profound that I decided to leave my career as a financial analyst and pursue certification with the International BodyTalk Association.

I hold a degree in business with a double major in psychology and management. It is this grounding that sets me apart from other practitioners in this field.

BodyTalk aims to identify and remove the conscious and unconscious energetic and emotional barriers to health and wellbeing by using a process of structured questioning and muscle testing. This therapy helps to liberate the untapped healing energies that are available to all of us. In this way, BodyTalk can work well on it’s own or as a perfect compliment to any other therapy, particularly when progress appears to have stalled or results have not been achieved.

Continuously seeking ways in which we can each experience a fuller expression of ourselves fuels my passion for helping others. I believe we each have the innate power and potential within us to be truly happy and healthy.

The Collective

The primary agreement within this collective is between you and I. 

col·lec·tive [kuh-lek-tiv] - 

1) forming a whole or aggregate. 

2) done by, or characteristic of individuals acting in cooperation, as a group.

You are the fundamental change-maker in your health and wellness. I am here to facilitate this change.

Together we assume equally important roles in your journey back to complete, abundant wellness.

Community of Practitioners

Your road to wellbeing will shift and transform as you peel back the layers of what no longer serves you.

With this in mind, the Be Well Health Collective leverages a diverse network of skilled holistic practitioners.  We are all here to support you in your journey back to the fundamentally whole and healthy being that you are.