Target the root cause of your condition to bring about healing that lasts

“Ava's BodyTalk sessions have helped me in many ways. For some sessions she's helped shift coughs that have been chronic for months - in others emotional problems that would normally stick around for months have been shifted. The difference after the last session was palpable - with housemates commenting how different my demeanour was. I went from being morose and moody - to being calm and upbeat. No matter what the problem is - Ava seems to get to the heart of it and root it out at the source. She does this all with a sense of calm and compassion that puts me at ease. Thank you Ava!”

Achala - Australia

“My 7 year old was diagnosed with ASD/ADHD. After just 1 session she was much more comfortable around large groups of people, and her social skills improved in just a few days. I was amazed and so happy we tried this.”

Melanie - Australia

"When I sat down on Ava’s bench for my first body talk session I was swimming in a variety of ailments that have plagued me for years, including anxiety, insomnia, eating disorder, self-esteem issues, relationship worries, family trauma. The serene environment that Ava has created in order to treat her clients, along with her incredibly calm and loving energy immediately put me at ease. I immediately noticed several differences in my thought patterns and behaviours, and also in my general mood. Things that would have before seemed complicated and overwhelming suddenly seemed manageable. Ava not only energetically lifted a lot of my anxiety, but tapped into deeper problems I had been harbouring unrecognised, and gave me the tools to go away and work through these things in my own time. I have since had three more BodyTalk sessions, and each time feel myself getting stronger. The practice, and Ava, are incredibly healing and I would recommend that anyone experience it for themselves, no matter how big or small your problems seem. Thank you so much, Ava!"

Lucy - England

“After suffering from severe Adrenal Fatigue and thyroid dysfunction for 3 years, it was such a relief to meet Ava and to find out more about BodyTalk. I had tried so many Western medicines and holistic alternatives but nothing made significant improvements to my health. Since my first BodyTalk session, I noticed my body starting to shift and detox. My sleep has improved, my blood sugar has stabilised, I’m losing weight and my energy levels are on the mend. I have nothing but positive words to say about BodyTalk and the amazing work Ava does. Thanks to Ava and BodyTalk I’m finally feeling vitality again.”

Colleen, Adelaide

"I have seen so many different physicians before and struggled with getting results for a long time. I sought out BodyTalk to treat my stiff shoulder (that has been playing up for years), my digestion (bloating, food intolerances, etc.), hormonal issues and anxiety. After seeing Ava just two days ago I am finally starting to see results. I love the fact that not much talking is required as Ava is able to intuitively (along with muscle testing) hone in on the root cause of my problems and free them up. Great results and quickly too. Thank you Ava, I have been feeling much better."

Melissa - Australia

" I have spent the last 10 years in a space of substance addiction, chronic depression, and anxiety. I have attempted to take my life several times. I have been to some of the best rehab clinics in Adelaide, Melbourne and along the East Coast of Australia, and have seen countless psychiatrists and psychologists. Bodytalk got down to the VERY CORE of the problem, and gave me some much needed truth and wisdom. Ava communicated so clearly and succinctly what my body had been trying to tell me for so long. I felt ‘really seen’ and this empowered me to make changes. Something very powerful has shifted within - both physically and emotionally. I have much more faith in myself and I feel positive about the future (something that has alluded me for a long time). I am very relieved to have found Bodytalk and to work with Ava. If you suffer from substance addiction, or know someone who does, you will know what a difficult and complex condition it is. I would highly recommend Bodytalk as one of the most successful strategies I have tried in order to heal myself.”

Hanna - Australia

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping Lucy with her menstruation issues. The pain was so debilitating that she was spending hours sitting on the shower floor under the hot water, was taking pain medication every 4 hours for days and would be confined to her bed. She was too frightened to leave the house, go to school or go anywhere incase the pain got bad. It's been 4 cycles now since her BodyTalk sessions with you. She has gone from experiencing severe pain, erratic cycles and heavy periods... and now to regular cycles, hardly a mention of pain and a manageable amount of blood loss."

Alex - Australia

"The work with Ava and BodyTalk continues to be an essential support in my life. [BodyTalk] seems to go deeper, and most refreshingly doesn't lead to more 'head' work. The work seems to shift my deeply held perspectives in a way that influences and sweetens all of life. Losing my pathological sense of separation from others is a gift and treasure I value so highly and could never have 'constructed' myself. Ava gives with a generosity that comes from something bigger than us. I love being accompanied on my path by [BodyTalk] which is so targeted, specific and transparent. Ava is a true channel for the messages that are very personally relevant to me… And the distance sessions are great" 

Maureen – Switzerland

Over the past few years I've spent over a thousand dollars on vocal coaches, voice classes, doctors-all trying to figure out how to use my voice correctly and why I kept getting pain in my throat and why my voice would always fade away/become hoarse. Being an actor this lead to so much self doubt and worry that I couldn't continue my career. For so long I felt at a loss. A few days after my first session with Ava magic started happening- massive reduction in pain and I haven't had any problem speaking clearly. My skin has cleared up, I can speak freely, and just feel more alive!

Fiona - Australia

"Thank you SO much for yesterday. I can't tell you how much the words [from the session] have resonated. So so powerful! Thank you, you are magic!"

Kate - Australia

"After just one session I am seeing amazing results. My skin is noticeably clearer. I have been BEYOND productive this week, getting lots done, but still allowing ‘me time’. The anger I was experiencing towards my family has evaporated, and my digestion has begun to improve (after years of struggle!)"

Hol - Australia

"After the session with you, I walked out feeling light and such a sense of joy. It felt as though an invisible weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I approached all situations after with so much clarity and happiness, it was unbelievable!! The absolutely AMAZING thing which I want to tell you is that after your session, for the FIRST TIME IN SEVEN YEARS, I got my period exactly a month later. After seeing countless doctors, specialists, taking pills and potions, nothing has helped. I did nothing different that month except see you. The amazing thing was that it was about a month to the day of the session. Thank you so much. I'm hoping it will continue, but even if it doesn't, it has given me so much hope and excitement that it actually is a possibility. As you can tell, I am so, so, so happy with my experience and grateful that our paths crossed!"

Nat - Australia

"We had been trying to get pregnant for over a year without luck. After testing the doctor told us we had infertility problems and that it would be very hard for us to become pregnant in a natural way. We are now happy to say that one month after our BodyTalk session our pregnancy test showed positive. Our doctor didn't understand how it was possible, but we knew better.  We want to extend our sincerest gratitude for their amazing work and the gift they given us!" 

Robby & Karlien – Belgium

"I came to my first Body Talk session with a number of physical ailments and historical emotional concerns: from back pain, insomnia, arthritis, PMS/endometriosis, neuralgia, to unresolved grief from past relationships. Upon arrival, I could hardly bear the pain pulsing through my body and my PMS was 10/10. Once Ava settled me onto the table, my system immediately started to relax, letting my body takeover and my mind rest. Ava’s approach was very informative and integrative throughout the session, explaining what was coming through in relation to my ailments at an unconscious level and gently reintegrating the healing information. The session left me feeling serene and pain-free. My heartfelt thanks to Ava for her healing gift! I would recommend BodyTalk for anyone who is open to alternative healing modalities!" 

Syl – Australia