Make Food Your Friend this Holiday Season

Call off the war with food. Ready to let go of guilt around food and make peace with your mind? Here are a few tips for making food your friend this holiday season.



Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately this is not always the case. Whenever we set up a "rule" around food, the Food Police in our mind stand vigilantly on guard to protect us against said rule. For example, don't eat the dessert at the Christmas potluck, don't have a second helping of food, only eat until you are full, stick to your diet, no more than two drinks, etc. etc.

So the Food Police help us to enforce the rules we've set for ourselves, keeping us hyper-conscious about food decisions. But (and there is a definite but), as soon as we break the rules, guilt ensues and our awareness around food quickly drops away. We become unconscious. Ironically, for many of us as soon as the "rule" is broken, we are actually likely to eat more - to break the rule even further. For example, perhaps you've broken your one piece of cake rule, so the mind says "Well, might as well stock up while you're here. You've already done what you said you weren't going to do so might as well go for it and eat another piece."

You see, it's the rule we've created in the first place that actually triggers sacristy consciousness and instigates us to feel like this is our last chance to eat the food in question (a Last Supper feeling).

So how do we combat this vicious circle?

  1. Throw away the rules (I know this may sound crazy, but the more rules we hang onto, the more looming guilt, negative self-talk, and potential to trigger out-of-control Last Supper eating consciousness);
  2. Before eating, tune in: How does the food smell? Are the colours appealing? Is it going to satisfy my preferences and desires? How hungry am I?
  3. During eating, tune in: How do the textures feel in my mouth? What flavours am I experiencing? How full am I? Am I full and ready to stop eating? Ask yourself these questions several times whilst eating;
  4. After eating, tune in: How do I feel in my body? Satisfied? Too full? Slimy? Uncomfortable? Etc. Scan your body.
  5. Check in with your mind too. Is there any negative self-talk going on? If so, gently acknowledge the guilt or negative emotion being experienced and give yourself permission to release it. It does not serve you.


The Cortices Technique is a simple way to balance the impulses your brain is sending you. Often we eat as a coping mechanism to combat stress. The Cortices Technique helps to lower your overall stress levels, as well as highlight and extract limiting, unconscious beliefs. 

Use it often and regularly. Once you get the hang of it, the whole process will only take you about 15 seconds.

It's a great to perform this on yourself just before a meal, or anytime you can feel your stress level rising. Enjoy!


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3. Yoga for Digestion

Simple stretching is a great way to activate the digestive system and eliminate energy blockages in the abdominal area.

Try these basic poses after a meal or anytime you're feeling stagnation.

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