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Live Your Truth (1-day Workshop)

20 January
Leela Center, darlinghurst NSW

Become a master at manifestation.
Ready to get what you want out of life?
…Your search stops here.


  • reclaim your power

  • discover your purpose

  • create focus & master your monkey mind

  • connect with your intuition

  • live a magical life

High energy, smack you in the face empowerment.
Find out all the ways your mind has been lying to you…


Circle of One

29 January (7-8pm)
The Ocean Room , Bondi Pavilion, Bondi

5 February (7-8pm)

Your health is a direct reflection of everything that has happened in your life up until this point. Bodytalk is a means of discerning which parts of your of your life are misaligned and are making you unwell. Health is more than just physical wellness, it’s also our mental health, health of our relationships, work life, and how we relate to the story of “me”.

Self-healing is an ancient practice now being rediscovered. Everything you need to heal is inside you. Powerful transformation is possible… and easy!

Tired of suffering? Sick of the confusion? Want to feel free? Come learn more as Ava’s dives deep into consciousness medicine, and how your fantastic body can quickly heal body, mind, and spirit.

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