kundalini 101


Kundalini is simply another name for the process that initiates the free flow of what some traditions call Chi, Prana, Life Source Energy, Essence, or Biorhythm. Across time and cultures, Kundalini has been documented. Well known amongst Taoists, the Yogis of India, the Tantra tradition, Native American teachings, ancient Egyptians and Greeks, Tibetan Buddhists, and indigenous societies across the world.

Why is this important to me?

You can express and live your life in harmony with ease, or you can resist and try to control how life happens. You are given choice in all moments how to interact with life.  

“Kundalini is the ultimate teacher. My journey with the energy has been one of total transformation. I have let go of so many limiting ideas of my self, doubt, fear and shame. Kundalini has opened me up to live a life filled with wonder and radiance. It has nourished my relationships with others, myself and the world around me. I am so deeply grateful for this potent healing energy.” - Amy

If you resist life’s natural flow – clouding your choices with fear and overthinking – you remove yourself from intuitive, instinctual discernment, and attempt to control life using your thoughts. Here, the mind takes over life’s natural trajectory. Pain and discontentment are created as a result of our attempts to control life, thinking, “we know better”. 

Reflect on your most painful moments in life. Who was there to help you? Did you feel supported? What stories did you make up about the way things played out? Were you able to ‘let it go’, or did you feel jaded, hurt, or victimised? An inability to fully digest difficult moments from our past creates blocks in our mind and body’s natural flow.

Breakdown in communication between physiological processes in the body happens under the stress of discontent and resistance to accepting life as it is. The more we deviate from the truth of who we are, the more pain and suffering we experience. Eventually, the truest and most authentic version of our Self is embodied no matter how far “off-track” we feel at times. The main hurdle to overcome is our conditioned thinking. Imagine you were able to release all negative emotion from your past. Instinctively, how might that change your health?

“Since working with Kundalini energy I’ve had every area of my life significantly transformed. The most noticeable and awesome things are a much more balanced diet, a letting go of habits and behaviours that no longer work for me, the capacity to stay relaxed and calm in situations that have triggered me in the past, way higher levels of energy, and more overall happiness than I have ever consistently experienced.” - Joseph

Blocked feelings, memories, thoughts, and the stories we make up about our past, create blocks in the free flow of Kundalini. You can create exponential change in your health and wellbeing by unlocking Kundalini, and allowing it’s intelligence to create a free flow where you were once limited.

How Kundalini transmission can improve your life:

Happy interactions with everyone you hold dear to your heart

Physical ailments improve or disappear

Calm mind and more positive thinking

Absence of fear in making decisions that serve your greatest good

More compassion

Greater clarity in life purpose

Better sex

What Kundalini is not:

Only available to a select few

Dangerous to your overall sense of health

More powerful than your mind (if you decide to stop Kundalini’s flow in your body, it’s effects will reside)


Ultimately, Kundalini breaks apart conditioned thinking and frees you, leaving only your purest Self in tact. For some, this can be a unsettling path because it requires much letting go. For those that are guided by experienced teachers, however, you come to understand that this road ends in liberation and a deep sense of happiness.

How Ava is able to help activate your Kundalini

Through my own direct experience with Kundalini energy, I have compounded the flow of Kundalini within my energetic system. Just as a glass overflows with water when you leave the tap on, I can share my excess flow of Kundalini with you. I am not controlling how it flows through you, your body’s innate intelligence knows where this free flowing energy is needed most. When released, you can feel this current of energy flow to where it is needed most, which is different for each individual. You can decide to stop the expression, repressing it, however, this will only stunt the process of healing. Once one begins the activation process, it is likely that active Kundalini energy will remain present in your system for months or years, until your awakening into your unconditioned self is experienced. My experience has taught me that when “switched on” within an intentional context with an experienced teacher, this activation is safe and overwhelmingly positive. We all have Kundalini lying dormant in our body, waiting for someone to switch on the light so electricity can flow to the bulb. I am here to turn on your light. 

How Kundalini can express itself:

  • Shaking or vibrating within the body

  • Feeling of calm and deep peace

  • Expression of emotion

  • Heightened senses, and sometimes extrasensory perception 

Why does Kundalini show up in this way?

Because there is a backlog of energy (suppressed emotion, beliefs, fears) waiting to flow through your pipes. Imagine your garden hose has been left on. This hose is twisted and water cannot flow through its spout. Kundalini activation inside your body uncurls the hose and allows the backlog of water to spray through its nozzle. You can liken yourself to the hose, twisted and blocked by years (or possibly decades!) of repressed emotion and painful memories.  When your body becomes unblocked, a wave of this baggage must express itself – often represented in an explosive manner. What is released creates tangible change in your life, just like the hose, everything begins to flow better.

To learn more about this system of healing, reach out and Ava can introduce you to this ancient path of transformation.

“I experienced my first (of many) Kundalini activations with Ava in April 2018. Since then my life has dramatically changed for the better. I no longer have high level anxiety, or am quick to anger. I feel a greater sense of calm and trust in the process of my life. I am able to let go of pain and refocus my attention on the things that matter to me. I feel more open, loving and connected. My intuitive abilities have become increasingly powerful and my ability to feel has deepened, creating more space for empathy and compassion. A completely positive life changing experience that continues to unfold. Much love and gratitude.”

- Kirsty

“My back pain was a constant source of stress in my life for nearly 4 years. Since exploring Kundalini I can happily say that the pain has completely healed.”

- Kara